"I have been so happy with this product and would recommend to anyone. I did get into a situation a couple months back and was so glad to have my idonme alert bracelet because emergency personel had to use the information inside the bracelet due to me not being able to communicate with them."


"Both of my kids have been wearing ID On Me medical bracelets for the last several years. They make me feel very safe as my children head out to their summer activities. We do not go a day without them!! In fact, they have tan lines on their wrists from them! Thanx for making such a wonderful product!!!!!!!!"

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"My wife worries about the kids every time they go out the door. The ID On Me bracelets give us that extra feeling we're doing everything we can to protect our family. The kids think they're cool too. Thanks for making a great product." Lakewood, NJ  

"I hope my 8 year old son never needs the ID On Me bracelet, but I feel better knowing that he wears it. If he were hurt and alone for even one extra minute, I wouldn't be doing my job as his mother." Indianapolis, IN  
"As a runner I find myself in a number of dangerous settings. Whether running along traffic or in the woods, the ID On Me bracelet gives me peace of mind." Seattle, WA