"I have been so happy with this product and would recommend to anyone. I did get into a situation a couple months back and was so glad to have my idonme alert bracelet because emergency personel had to use the information inside the bracelet due to me not being able to communicate with them."


"Both of my kids have been wearing ID On Me medical bracelets for the last several years. They make me feel very safe as my children head out to their summer activities. We do not go a day without them!! In fact, they have tan lines on their wrists from them! Thanx for making such a wonderful product!!!!!!!!"

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ID for Kids and Travel - ID for kids is so important!

A comfortable, convenient, colorful, & water resistent bracelet containing emergency identification & family contact information. Easy to Update, Reusable, & Versatile
  • Amusement Parks
  • Disney Land
  • The Beach
  • Cruises
  • Family Vacations
  • Parks
  • Sporting Events
  • Camps
  • All Travel!
"The ID On Me bracelets were great for my family's trip to Florida and Disney Land. Thankfully, we never got separated from any of the 5 children in our group, but my kids and nephews thought they were great and wore them every time we went out. Thank you very much." Burlington, VT




Identification Bracelets for Kids and Travel

The ID On Me ID Bracelet provides convenient insurance when the family is away from home:

  • Kids ID for the park or beach
  • Child ID for Amusement Parks like Disney Land
  • ID Provides extra security for family vacations
  • ID for visiting friends or relatives
  • Keeps information private yet easily accessible

Many parents appreciate the peace of mind that comes with their children wearing the ID On Me bracelet, especially when traveling. Even when a lost or injured child is identified, contacting family members can be a slow and difficult process. With ID On Me, the information is instant!

1,315,600 children were missing from their caregivers during 1999 (OJJDP, 2002). That is over 3600 missing children every day, one every 24 seconds . Of these, 797,500 were reported missing to the police or other agencies, and 198,000 were lost or injured.

Every day, more than 39,000 children are injured seriously enough to require medical treatment, more than 14 million children each year (National SAFE KIDS Campaign, 2002).

ID On Me can also contribute to the safety of children by providing an effective tool to identify an emergency contact right away. The bracelet compartment that stores so much detailed information also provides extra protection by concealing confidential information from casual view.