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Safety and Medical Identification Bracelets and Tags


"  I have been so happy with this product and would recommend to anyone. I did get into a situation a couple months back and was so glad to have my idonme alert bracelet because emergency personel had to use the information inside the bracelet due to me not being able to communicate with them."


"  I have had mine since I was probably 9 or 10, and I still wear the same one, I'm 18 turning 19 now. It has come in handy so much and is 10x cheaper than engraved ones and easier to update if your phone number or street address has changed, because you just change the paper inside. I love it, it's so comfortable and you barely even know it's there, and since it's water proof... You never really have to take it off so you don't lose it, and it's super durable. I wear mine while I scuba dive :)



ID ON ME Bracelets & Tags are comfortable and water resistant. For emergency identification, medical ID and family contact information.


Easily Change the Info Inside

Identification Bracelet for Recreation   Dog Tag
Medical Identification Bracelet   Emergency Bracelet for Kids
ID Tag   ID Keychain

The ID ON ME Bracelet and Tag provide an important source for identification during emergencies. Our products can protect you by relaying important medical and contact information stored within the ID Bracelet or Tag to the responder. Responders are trained to look for medical identification and personal identification on all patients during emergencies because they can prevent timely medical errors and provide a quick route for emergency contacts. ID Bracelets, Tags, and Necklaces are, quick, accessible, and always with you.

  Personal or Medical ID BraceletMedical ID Bracelets

Also available as an ID or Medical ID Tag.

Personal or Medical ID Tags

Use the ID ON ME Tag:

  • as a necklace
  • on a keychain
  • as a zipper pull
  • on a backpack
  • as a dog tag

Why is ID ON ME different?

  • ID ON ME is customizable: Not once, not twice, but as many times as you like. In a changing world why spend more money on a new product that needs to be engraved everytime an address, prescription, phone number or medical condition arises?
  • These products speak for you, when you can't! Alert first responders to all information they need in case of an emergency.
  • Lightweight bracelets are tough: ID ON ME products are made of high strength lightweight materials, wristbands are latex free too!